Proptecâ„¢ Industrial Humidifiers

    Humidification for large industrial areas / warehouses

    Decrease airborne dust

    Easy installation

    Digital humidistat

    Low maintenance

Proptec Industrial Humidifiers provide effective humidification in large industrial areas, including warehouses. These industrial humidifiers decrease airborne dust for a cleaner, healthier facility. Each humidifier for industrial use includes a digital humidistat, so you can control the humidity levels in your complex or warehouse. Proptec humidifiers for industrial use are designed to be low-maintenance for continuous, lasting use.

Humidifier key points:

  • Simple ceiling mount
  • Trouble-free operation - no clogging or extensive maintenance
  • Compliments existing HVAC but independently manages desired humidity
  • Easily humidifies large commercial areas of 2,500 sq. ft. and up
  • Adjustable to easily change humidification levels
  • Automatic humidistat control with digital readout
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extremely durable - will operate for years even in severe industrial conditions
  • Units under $3,000.00
  • Call or e-mail to learn more. We are happy to assist you in making this purchase
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