AccuStaltic peristaltic pumps are ideal for dosing and filling when the application requires the special capabilities of a peristaltic pump. They can be operated at a very low flow rate for long periods of time or cycled for a periodic dose or filling application.  The multi-channel industrial quality design makes them perfect for production lines and precise chemical metering to multiple locations.

AccuStaltic peristaltic filling and dosing pumps are designed to create repeatable, consistent doses of a pre-determined liquid volume; up to twelve identical doses per cycle. Built with either a flow dividing or discrete channel manifold, the AccuStaltic peristaltic pump is a simple, reliable way to create synchronized flows in dosing and filling applications, or to get repeated doses of multiple part mixes such as epoxies and resins for electrical potting or composites manufacture. Our pumps are used for:

AccuStaltic Dosing System 

Accurately Metered Dosing:

AccuStaltic multi-channel peristaltic pumps are ideal for injecting precise amounts of chemical into an operating process.  Applications ranging from extracting precious metals from ore to critical treatment of waste water. Our peristaltic proportioning pumps are industrial grade equipment designed to be used where harsh chemicals must be pumped with extreme reliability. The tubing materials available allow them to pump virtually any chemical, from acids to caustics. Even viscous liquids and suspended solids can be metered and pumped with precise accuracy.

AccuStaltic peristaltic pumps are available with a variable speed motor and controller which can automatically change pump output in response to a control signal. With proper instrumentation, a pH sensor for example, and a standard PLC controller, the motor speed can be changed to increase or decrease the amount of chemical being injected into the process. Since peristaltic pumps do not require priming, and ensure no flow when stopped, they can inject the proper dose at any rate and be stopped for any period of time before the next dose.  AccuStaltic pumps with a VFD drive system are ideal to control chemical proportioning automatically.

Robust Multi-Point Filling:

AccuStaltic multi-channel peristaltic pumps are capable of being operated in a complete start-stop cyclical manner which is ideal for liquid filling equipment. They combine fixed volume metering with simple valve less flow control and handle almost any liquid. While robust, AccuStaltic pumps are extremely gentle, allowing them to handle foaming or shear sensitive fluids. With a proper control system, the start and stop of the flow can be gradual to further reduce damage, or to allow profile filling of the container.

Accustaltic Metering for Profile Filling of Containers

With an AccuStaltic filling and dosing pump, the rotor can be stopped at increments of 1/6 of a rotation, which allows dose increments as low as 0.25 ml (0.008 oz). Additionally, since different sized tubing can be used in the same pump, exact fixed ratios of two or more fluids can be metered easily with repeatability and  accuracy. AccuStaltic peristaltic pumps can handle in-line proportional fluid mixing, maintaining a fixed fluid ratio at any flow rate, even when operated intermittently.

AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pump for Fixed Ratio Proportional Mixing

Fixed Ratio Proportional Mixing:

The proportional mixing capability and precise flow volume control along with the ability to handle highly reactive fluids makes AccuStaltic peristaltic pumps the right choice for applications requiring the addition of an activation agent during the metering process. The tubes are completely separate to prevent cross contamination, but fully synchronized in the same pump to ensure the proper ratio at all times.  The inherent zero back flow further protects the source containers to prevent costly waste of material. These pumps are ideal for all multi-part fluid mixes such as epoxies, polyurethane, and silicone compounds.